Pray for the Senior Pastor Search Committee

As the search for the next senior pastor of Wooddale Church continues, it is important to pray for the members of the Senior Pastor Search Committee. They continue to seek God’s leading as they sort through applications and résumés to find the next senior pastor of Wooddale Church. Church Chairman Pat Mazorol recently sent an email to the Wooddale Church family regarding the work of the Senior Pastor Search Committee. Here are some highlights from that email:

Our senior pastor search is nearly in its seventh month and God has shown our team some enormously gifted, godly leaders as potential candidates for the role of senior pastor for Wooddale Church. We continue to pray that, in God’s time, he will lead us to the one specially prepared to serve.

Thirty nominations for candidates have been sent from all over the country, coming from friends, evangelical leaders, biblical scholars and Wooddale attenders. Nearly every one warrants serious review and a call to those given as references.

Our search team continues to meet weekly, poring over résumés, sharing reference interviews, summarizing sermons heard via internet, and discussing candidates’ experience and theological fit with Wooddale.

Between meetings, search team members make reference calls lasting from thirty minutes to two hours, check the ministry and health of churches pastored by candidates, and listen to many sermons.

The team provides regular monthly reports of progress to the Board of Elders.

We seek to find the pastor who will lead Wooddale to its next chapter, not change its core.

We have identified over 50 specific characteristics, beliefs and experiences that are key to finding the right candidate. The candidate…must have demonstrated belief in Wooddale’s six values – God-centered, Bible-based, Outreach-oriented, Disciple-making, Kingdom-building and Future-looking.

• Pray for our search team members, for discernment, wisdom, patience for God’s timing, confidentiality, perseverance and critical analysis in gathering candidate information.
• Pray for the next pastor whom God has prepared for Wooddale Church, for preparation in current ministry and prayerful following of God’s lead.
• Pray for Wooddale pastors and staff as they carry on the duties of church ministry during this important time of transition.
• Pray for Wooddale Church, for the continued commitment of its members to prayer, attendance, ministry engagement and financial support.
• Pray that God will continue to bless Wooddale with new attenders, eager and prepared to hear his Word and accept his gift of salvation.