Lenten Services

Lenten Services are provided on Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday. For dates and additional details visit the event calendar.

Easter Services

Easter services at Wooddale are a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, offering a variety of service times over the Easter weekend. The blended style of worship leadership involves worship choir and orchestra. You will experience powerful teaching, hymns, real life stories and updated choruses. Visit the event calendar for dates and times.

Thanksgiving Eve Service

Held the Wednesday before Thanksgiving on the Eden Prairie campus, this is a unique service that includes a time for informal sharing of stories of thankfulness. Visit the event calendar for date and time details.

Christmas Eve Services

The Christmas Candlelight service at both campuses will be a very “classic Christmas” and will be great experiences for everyone in attendance whether you’re 9 or 90, churched or un-churched, new to faith or spiritually mature, or attend a traditional, contemporary, or Gathering service. Worshiping God through traditional Christmas hymns and carols will be a major part of the service. The Eden Prairie Campus will feature a Candlelight Choir made up of vocalists from all of our worship service styles.  Our goal is to put together a beautiful service where God is honored and Christ’s birth is celebrated.

The Family Services offer congregational singing and a shortened message. Families with young children will enjoy this 30-minute service on Christmas Eve day.

Visit the event calendar for date and time details.

Children’s Choir Musical

Each year, the Sounds of Praise Children’s Choir puts on a fabulous musical performance. Performances have ranged from Veggie Tales to Christmas Carols by Candlelight. Visit the event calendar for additional details including dates and times.

Spring Choral Festival

This is a wonderful musical event for the purpose of glorifying God through the performance of sacred choral music and the singing of great hymns together. Admission to the concert is free and open to everyone! Visit the event calendar for date and time details.

Advent Service

Take a break on your noon hour and kickoff the Advent season with a service that will inspire and allow for Advent reflection. A boxed lunch (nominal cost) will be available. Visit the event calendar for date and time details.

Christmas at Wooddale

Christmas at Wooddale is a premier, weekend-long, Christmas concert event in the Wooddale Church Eden Prairie Worship Center. Visit the event calendar for dates and times.

The Sounds of Praise Children’s Choir:  Directed by Natalie Amundson

The Sounds of Praise Children’s Choir, SOP,  is made up of three choirs:  Precious Praise – 1st graders, Praise Makers – 2nd-3rd graders, and Power Praise – 4th-6th graders.  All children are welcome, there are no auditions!  All choirs meet on the Eden Prairie campus, September through May, on Sunday nights from 5-6:30pm for rehearsals.  They learn and perform a Christmas and Spring Musical each year, perform for community service outreach opportunities in Fall and Spring, as well as sing at least one time in all Worship Services on the Eden Prairie and Edina campus’ each year. 

Visit the Sounds of Praise page for more information and to register!

Traditional Worship Choir

With over 100 members, the Wooddale Church Choir is one of the great traditional church choirs in the Twin Cities area. The choir sings a variety of musical styles centered in Christian texts, with a special emphasis on singing sacred traditional choral music.

For more information on joining the choir, contact Delrae Knutson at 952-944-6300 or delrae.knutson@wooddale.org

I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live. Psalm 104:33


Contemporary Worship Team

The most important prerequisite to being part of the Contemporary Worship Team is that you have a growing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As team members, we must lead with a spiritual passion for Jesus Christ. Various groups lead in worship once a month for the contemporary services on both the Eden Prairie and Edina campuses. An eclectic blend of instrumentation and voicings are used as we guide the congregation in worship with contemporary christian rock, ballads and updated hymns.

Opportunities are available for vocalists and band members. If you are interested in becoming a member or would like more information please contact natalie.cromwell@wooddale.org or fill out the Contemporary Music Team Application  and you will be contacted to schedule an audition.


The Gathering

Visit The Gathering website for more information on volunteer opportunities.


Dramatic Arts

The purpose of the Wooddale Drama Ministry is to effectively convey God's truths through the arts, and thereby help to fulfill Wooddale's purpose of making more disciples for Jesus Christ. This ministry gives opportunities to both established and emerging artists to use their gifts to honor God. Meetings and try-outs are held quarterly for individuals interested in performing, writing, singing, directing, costuming, lighting, propping, or stagecraft.

If you would like more information about getting involved in the Wooddale drama ministry, please contact Jean Rohn at 952-944-6300 or Jean.Rohn@Wooddale.org.



The Visser-Rowland Pipe Organ was built and designed by Pieter Visser and dedicated January 6, 1991. The organ has 114 ranks, 74 stops, 6294 pipes, 5 manuals in the Tracker console, 4 manuals in the remote console, and 8 divisions. Total weight of the organ is 40 tons. The casework inscription, “SOLI DEO GLORIA’ means “Glory to God Alone.” The installation time was 5 months (154 days).

While this organ is rooted in European design, unique elements are combined to make it distinctly American. The wide variety and large number of stops on the organ serve to make it ideal for service playing and concert use.

Visually, the instrument is designed using classical 18th century Dutch principles of balance and symmetry. Subtle symbolism is also present. Flamed copper pipes from the 32’ Prinzipal stop are arranged in three large towers to represent the Trinity. The center tower and the copper horizontal trumpets serve to form a huge cross which is outlined by the surrounding tin pipes of the Kronpositiv. The horizontal trumpets also symbolize victory over the cross.

The stops of the organ, which are labeled in German, illustrate yet another of the many backgrounds drawn upon to create this instrument. These stops can be divided into four families of pipes.

The Prinzipal stops form the tonal background of the organ. These pipes, which range in size from the huge copper facades to pipes inside the organ much smaller than a pencil, cover the entire spectrum of human hearing. Some pitches are felt more than they are heard. Together these sets of pipes give the organ its rich and broad tone character.

Flute stops are also abundantly present in this instrument. They vary from soft wooden flutes such as the Holzgedeckt 8; to rich singing flutes such as the Flote 4’.

This organ is particularly rich in string stops. The Dulciana and Unda Maris are designed to whisper during quiet parts of the service while the stronger strings such as the Salizional Celeste are warm and rich enough to accompany the choir.

The fourth family of pipes is the reed family. These stops, which are often named for their orchestral counterparts, are the most complex and colorful of all the stops on the organ. A vibrating brass tongue in each pipe generates the sound in conjunction with the resonating body of the pipe. The most prominent of the reed stops are the two sets of horizontal trumpets in the façade of the organ.

The key action on the main console of this instrument is call “tracker,” meaning there is a direct mechanical linkage between the keys and the windchest on which the pipes stand. There is also a second movable console that can play the pipes electrically. The stop action uses state-of-the-art electronics to turn the various ranks of pipes on and off.

The organ’s sound becomes part of the ambiance of the building and covers such a pitch range that the whole human body, not just the ears, experiences them. For these and other reasons, the pipe organ became the primary musical instrument for Christian worship centuries ago. The reasons are still valid today.

    Ryan DeCook

      Worship Director





    Dave Hoehl

      Traditional Music Director





    Delrae Knutson

      Creative Arts Administrative Assistant