Who is Pushing Your Pen?

Who is pushing your pen?

I want to explore that question with you in the month of September. In our series: The Book of You: Written by________________ we will be looking at our lives as a novel. Beginning the day you were conceived your parents had already written a lot about you in your DNA!   But after you were born and you gained independence, you took the pen in your own hands and started writing with your own ink.  How is your story going?  Are you really writing the pages in your book or is someone else?  Who is really in control of your life?

I remember doing a writing project when I was a kid and someone reached over and scribbled all over what I was doing.  That act made me angry!  Has that ever happened in your life?  Has someone reached into your life and made a mess, changing the course of your story without your permission?  Maybe that is where you are right now. The good news is that God can take your story at any point in your life and He can begin to rewrite it.  God can even take the messy chapters and make them beautiful.

I hope you will pray for this series to be life transforming and I hope you will make every effort to join me each weekend at either of our campuses or online as we learn about letting God have the pen.

Don’t forget this weekend!  You don’t want to miss discovering the benefits of having Jesus as your High Priest!  Here is just one:  A Cleansed Conscience!  Give God 60 minutes this weekend to transform your life!

Pastor Dale