Membership 101

Maybe you want to know more about Wooddale Church, what we stand for, what we believe, and our dreams. Or, maybe you are interested in learning what it means to be a member of Wooddale Church. The Membership 101 seminar is a perfect place to explore those questions with pastors and leaders from Wooddale Church.

Reasons for Church Membership

  1. Identification with God’s people. 1 Corinthians 12:20.
  2. Increased effectiveness. Just as logs joined together burn much brighter than independent logs, so Christians gathered together can accomplish much more than as individuals.
  3. A sense of belonging.
  4. Acceptance of responsibility. The Christian becomes a player instead of a spectator.
  5. Accountability.
  6. Legal function. To function as a church (non-profit organization) requires some kind of membership by state law.

So take that first step in becoming a Member of Wooddale and attend the next “Membership 101” informational meeting.