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Spiritual Pathway

Are you searching for meaning, hope and a relationship with God through Jesus Christ?
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Do you want a connection with God and to others who already know God?
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We grow by knowing and doing. Growing happens for all ages on the weekend and during the week by hearing and applying the practical teaching of God’s word.
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Opportunities to serve abound. Serving can be done as a volunteer on a Wooddale campus, in your neighborhood by showing God’s love through helping your neighbor or serving in a remote village through Wooddale Worldwide.
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We want to always be thinking of those who do not know Jesus yet. You can PRAY, SERVE, listen, and look for the opportunity when He opens the door for you to SHARE how Jesus has changed your life!
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Please contact the Student Ministries Office for more information at 952.944.8360 or student.ministries@wooddale.org


See resources for phone check-in, health and other forms.

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