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August 25

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Baptism is an essential part of a Christian’s identification with Jesus Christ. Throughout the book of Acts, wherever baptism occurred, it always followed a profession of belief in Jesus. It demonstrates our love and obedience to Jesus and is an outward sign of an inward commitment to follow him.

Baptism is also a vivid picture of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection and a believer’s similar spiritual path. The believer’s old self has been crucified with Christ and buried before coming out of the water raised in the “newness of life.”Baptism displays the beginning of the Christian life, which is why at Wooddale Church, baptism is a celebration. We baptize regularly and encourage every believer to be obedient to Christ’s command in the Bible to be baptized.

Whether you are new to the Christian faith and have not yet been baptized or have been a believer for months or years but have never been baptized after your commitment to Christ, we encourage you to complete the process of baptism.

Next baptism dates:

  • August 25, 2024 (registration due by August 4)

Please contact our pastoral team if you have questions.