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Lunch & Learn: Coming Alongside Those Who Are Experiencing Homelessness

October 12, 2023 at 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Attending a Lunch & Learn is a quick and easy way to gain wisdom on a variety of topics from experts in their fields. Speakers present for 45 minutes and reserve 15 minutes at the end for Q&A.

For many, living day-to-day without a home also means living day-to-day without hope. Trying to understand how you can help in the midst of such rampant need can feel overwhelming. In this seminar, Edith Perlin, who has gone from living on the streets to saving those who are in the same place she was, will help you see how you can make an eternal impact by coming alongside those experiencing homelessness.

Edith’s ministry, Edith’s House, is making a huge difference in the lives of unhoused individuals and families who, for various reasons, find themselves on the streets or struggling to navigate the shelter system. Edith’s House provides support and personal guidance to people find needed services and a path to self-sufficiency through stable housing, employment guidance, connections to social services and encouragement.

The Lord rescued Edith in 2002, changing her life forever. Until then, Edith had been addicted to crack, sex trafficked, arrested, lost custody of her children, experienced many drug treatment programs and spent 13 years in federal prison. These experiences help her understand outreach, social services, homelessness and relapse groups.

Edith went back to school, earned an associate’s degree in Theology and became a licensed cosmetology instructor. She taught cosmetology while ministering one-on-one while doing hair. In January 2017, the Lord called her to the homeless community. She now serves as the executive director of Edith’s House and is an ordained pastor.