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Mama Bear Apologetics Book Club

June 22 - August 17

This event is open to registration.

We are in a battle… over the influence on today’s youth.

Our kids are encountering worldly messaging that has been creeping in through books, tv, music, and mainstream curriculum. If we don’t recognize the lies of the culture, we can’t defend against them. Through the Mama Bear Apologetics book (open to women in every stage/age/season), we think through and address the issues head-on with gentleness and respect and through a Biblical Worldview. We will pore through the book in bite-sized pieces, also benefitting from the fellowship and solidarity of new friends. Purchase your own book at your favorite local or on-line retailer.

Thursday a.m. | 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.| June 22 – August 17 | EP Room 158