7-9 Snow Camp

For our Snow Camp retreat, we take over Camp Forest Springs, the best winter camp in Wisconsin! The list of activity options is ridiculous: tubing, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, hiking, cross country skiing and much more! The winterized cabins even have their own bathrooms! This weekend is a great time to hang out with friends, worship through music, dig into your faith, drink…

Slipper Formal

This will be a night to remember! Get ready to get dressed up in formal outfits while being super comfortable in your awesome, funny and colorful SLIPPERS! A runway show for students, and parents will shine the spotlight on your incredible outfits and show-stopping slippers! Then, we’re off to the Mall Of America for supper and unlimited rides at Nickelodeon Universe! You…


8th Grade Spring Blitz


Spring Blitz is a weekend retreat like no other! The only Wooddale students coming along are those in the 8th grade class. And our lodging will not be cabins but…

9th Grade Formal Dinner Cruise


It’s a Minnesota thing … cruise on Lake Minnetonka, enjoy a fancy meal and take selfies with friends (with shoreline mansions in the background). It’s a right of passage, really,…


9th Grade Dinner Cruise

Eden Prairie 7-9

Being on a formal dinner cruise makes one feel very mature—a perfect fit for the most mature students in the 7th-9th grade ministry! Dress in the fanciest outfit you can…


AUG Kick-Off

Eden Prairie Campus 6630 Shady Oak Rd, Eden Prairie, MN
Eden Prairie 7-9

Approved Unto God (A.U.G) is one of the pinnacles of the Junior High Ministry at Wooddale. Spend the school year learning about God, the Bible and ourselves in this doctrinal…