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To breathe the presence of Jesus and the hope of the Gospel into the defining moments of people’s lives.

We all experience challenges in life – times when we need extra care and support. Stephen ministers are trained to provide emotional and spiritual care for anyone facing a crisis or difficult circumstance in life. Through confidential one-on-one times of conversation, prayer and encouragement, Stephen ministers support people in these defining moments of life.

What if a man who has just faced a divorce had someone to walk with him? What if a single mom who just lost her job knew she wasn’t alone? What about those facing a terminal diagnosis, the loneliness of an empty nest or the stress of having just transferred to a new location? No matter what the difficult situation is, we want to offer the hope and love of Jesus.

Contact pastoral.care@wooddale.org if you need help or would like to become a Stephen minister.

When illness and hospital stays become a part of our lives, it helps to have a caring person visit and pray with us. If you will be in the hospital, please let us know. Contact pastoral.care@wooddale.org to set up a visit. If you need to reach someone after hours, you may call the pastoral visitor’s cell phone at 612.239.6622.

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