Will you pray for God to use you?

Dear Friends,

I have safely arrived in Bangalore (now known as Bengalaru) India where I will teach the main leaders for The Timothy Initiative (TTI) in Asia on marriage and ministry. Wooddale is partnering with TTI to plant 4000 churches by 2022 in Nepal, Bhutan, West Bengal, Bangladesh and the Tibetan ridge.

Have you ever asked God to use you as a witness? While waiting for my connecting flight from Frankfurt to Bengalaru I prayed, asking God to use me, if He willed, as His witness while I was on the flight.  As I sat on the plane, spread across my narrow tray were some notes for my talks on marriage with the heading God’s Design for Marriage. The businessman sitting next to me was silent for quite some time before he inquired about what I did for a living. It is important that I am discreet in what I share so I let him know that one of the things I do is offer leadership training for non-profit organizations. He noticed that I was working on some marriage related issues.  I shared that I was going to teach leaders on the importance of building healthy marriages when this man opened up to me and poured out his heart about his own troubled marriage. We talked for several hours, I shared biblical principles on marriage with him and told him about Jesus. I am so thankful that God answered my prayer to be used as a witness. I have since connected this man with one of our partners in Bengalaru who has invited him to a teaching session I am giving Tuesday night.  Would you please pray that he joins us, makes new friends and discovers the love of Christ?

I am reminded that when we ask God to use us to share the good news of His love through Jesus Christ, that He answers prayer!   Will you ask God every day for the next 10 days to bring people into your life each day who need to see, experience and hear about God’s love from you. Will you join me in praying for this to happen?

As many of you know I am also on a study break and I am sensing God’s leading about what to speak on when I return through this fall. Be on the look out for my next blog when I share some insights into my next series. Thank you for praying for me while I am away.

Pastor Dale