It’s that time of year! Time to order your Christmas boxes!

The Christmas box is an opportunity to show kindness to your friends, family and neighbors. Discover the story of Jesus while you prepare for, share and celebrate the season!

Who will you show kindness to through the gift of a Christmas Box?



We gave a Christmas Box to the grandson of good friends. At the end of the process he gave his heart to Jesus. His parents (believers) worked through the boxes with him. The grandparents were thrilled!



A group of us (Culdasac Church) were so blessed as we walked around the neighborhood handing out boxes to all of neighbors – even people we did not know. During a time when people were quarantined to their houses, we were able to bless them with an unexpected gift. We received texts and thank you notes about how much they were blessed by the box. We are definitely doing it again this year!



Our family loved the Wooddale Christmas Box! We kept one for our family and we gifted 5 to neighbors and friends. My favorite was the ornament box that was fun to do and also had us talking about stories and lessons from the Bible — such a great way to incorporate the true reason for the season into new family traditions!

Emmett, 6 years old


I loved the snowflakes! I really liked the fake snow too and I hope we can do them again soon!