You can be the Church @ Home! During these uncertain times, we’re reminded the Church is not a building — it’s a movement that honors God by making more disciples for Jesus Christ.
This resource center will equip you with everything you need for your household to connect, grow, serve and share the hope of the Gospel. Check in each week to watch the traditional or modern service and see what’s new to support your in-home worship experience.
Watch a live service, prepare your heart for worship through music and access Wooddale’s blog.
Watch teaching videos for all ages, connect with others through discussion questions and virtual groups, and download Bible study and scripture apps.
Get ideas for how you can serve others. You can also request care!
Learn about Wooddale’s Adopt 7 and how you can share stories of your Church @ Home!
On Sunday mornings, we will be livestreaming our Traditional Service at 8:30 am and our Modern service at 10 am.

You can watch either of our worship services at any time by accessing our Sermon Archive.

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Other Resources
For everyone who is part of the Wooddale Church family, we’re offering free access to more than 14,000 Bible studies through RightNow Media! These resources for men, women, LifeGroups and families will help you grow in your faith in an entertaining and educational way.

Instantly stream teaching from over 150 leading Christian publishers and ministries by following these easy steps:

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2. Download the apps or login here: Login

3. Explore! There are thousands of hours of Bible studies and kids content for you and your family to enjoy.
Grow in your faith through reading the Bible every day!
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One of the best ways to connect with others and grow as a disciple of Jesus is through serving. Check out a few practical suggestions for you and your family to serve others in the name of Jesus by clicking the button below.

Ways to Serve
We care about you and are here for you! If you need care or have a specific prayer intention, please describe what your needs are in the box below.  Please include your name and contact information and a member of our Care team will get back to you.

Need Care?

There are people in our lives who are longing for authentic relationships and the truth of Christ.  We want others to know Jesus like we do. That’s why we use a simple tool called Adopt 7 to share the hope of the Gospel with the people God has placed in our lives.
    ➤ Begin by identifying 7 people in your life who need to know the hope of the Gospel. These might be neighbors, friends or coworkers. God hasn’t placed you in the lives of these people by accident. It’s our responsibility to pass the truth of Jesus on to the people in our life. You may be the only Christian that some of your friends or family members know.

    ➤ Once you’ve identified your Adopt 7, begin praying that their hearts might be open to the Gospel. Pray for them as you would want someone to pray for you.

    ➤ Have a conversation and ask the Holy Spirit to guide it. Ask them about how they are handling all of the changes because of the COVID 19 virus. Invite them to join Wooddale Online for a weekend worship service this upcoming Sunday, or share a message from our Sermon Archive.

    ➤ Meet a need. Sometimes the need is obvious: offer to pick up their groceries or prescriptions, offer to bring them a meal, help with some yard work or other small projects. Maybe the need is more subtle and they just need someone to listen and be a real friend. Intentionally invest in their life during this unique season!

    ➤ Look for ways to celebrate with them. Host a virtual neighborhood block party or social hour. Offer to host a neighborhood time of prayer. Sometimes people need to know and connect with a few Christians before they will consider taking a step of faith on their own.

    ➤ Ask about their story. Who is God to them? What are their values and why? What has been their experience with church? These types of questions often invite opportunities for you to tell your story. When their story, your story and God’s story intersect, meaningful and life transforming connection takes place!

    ➤ Share your God story. Be prepared to share your testimony with them. How did you come to meet, know and follow Jesus? Take the opportunity to present the Good News about what God has done for us!

If you’ve shared a life-changing moment with a person(s) on your Adopt 7 list, we’d love to know about it! Please use the form below to send us an email and share your story!

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