Sweet Christmas invitations

This Christmas, give your family, friends and neighbors a delicious invitation to Wooddale’s Christmas Eve services.

Wooddale volunteers will bake and package cookies for you to purchase and give to others. It’s an easy way to share the joy of Christmas and the hope of Jesus. Each package comes with a special Christmas Eve invitation. Choose from 4 box sizes. Each box has 8 different cookie types.

Friend box

(8 cookies) – $10

Couple box

(16 cookies) - $15

Family box

(32 cookies) - $30

Neighborhood box

(48 cookies) - $40

Order now through December 1. Pick up cookies December 3. 

Sweet cookie selection

Cutout Sugar Cookie: Our sweet, tender cutout sugar cookies are iced with a smooth glaze and decorated to bring you and those you share them with a smile.

Peanut Butter Blossoms: This soft and chewy cookie is made with a tasty peanut butter cookie dough and is topped with a kiss of chocolate candy.

Coconut Macaroon: This decadent cookie is packed with sweetened coconut and dipped in dark chocolate.

Checkerboard Butter Cookies: These whimsical butter cookies are perfect when you can’t decide whether you want a chocolate or vanilla cookie!

Ginger Cookies: These ultimate holiday cookies are full of warm spices and molasses. They’re crisp on the outside and nice and chewy inside.

Crinkle Cookies: These wonderfully surprising cookies are like a cross between a delightfully fudgy brownie and crisp chocolate cookies.

Snowball Cookies (teacakes): These smooth and nutty cookies are rolled in sweet, powdered sugar and are just the right addition to any Christmas gathering.

Thumbprints: Delicious buttery shortbread cookies filled with strawberry and apricot jam to satisfy any sweet tooth.

*Cookie flavors subject to change based on availability.


Order now through December 1. Pick up cookies December 3.

Volunteering is sweet!

Join the team of volunteers who will be baking, packaging and helping distribute the cookies. No skills necessary, just be ready to have fun!