This August

We all have seasons of plateau in our life. This can happen in our physical lives, our relationships, our careers, and even in our spiritual lives. Our sermon series in August takes us through the book of James and helps us “Get Fit” as we follow Jesus.

If you need some inspiration to get started, check out these stories from people like you who have stepped up to take the challenge:

Trainer Arlo Kemp with Dave Nelson
Trainer Luis on how to re-train our movements
Trainer Luis Leonardo with husband and wife Cal and Mary Munkvold
Trainer Melissa Moore, ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, with busy mom Angie Reese
Trainer Yolanda Hunter with mother and daughter Shelly and Jocie Scherkenbach
Trainer Dave Mohr with Steven Reeves

Tips to Get Started

“We are created for community. Find a friend, a class, or a trainer to team up with on your health journey. This will help with accountability and motivation, and it’s more fun! When it becomes difficult, lean in and look for support from those around you.” – Melissa Moore

“It’s necessary to get professional guidance and direction in proper nutrition to fit your goals. It’s the piece of the fitness puzzle that will make or break your goals!” – Dave Mohr

Start from where you are, right here and now, and learn to incorporate more movement in your life. God created our bodies to do work. Fitness is not a task that only happens at the gym. It’s a lifestyle of walking, moving, and learning to use our bodies for different tasks. We need to approach fitness with the same mentality as a child to let the roots of staying active become more natural.” – Luis Leonardo

For spiritual encouragement on your journey, try reading a chapter of the book of James each day or go through the book of Psalms.