Wooddale Student Events | Eden Prairie

Sunday 9:45-10:45 am

5/6 Meets in Room 105

5/6 grade Sunday morning is time for students to learn biblical based messages that families can discuss throughout the week. Students will be challenged by questions on how to apply the topics to their lives.

7-9 Meets in Room 100

God knew what He was doing setting aside a day for us to come together and worship Him! We take that seriously in the 7-9 ministry! When you are a part of Sunday mornings, you’re a vital part worship through music, teaching, laughter and community. We’ll be looking for you!

10-12 Meets in 170

For all 10-12 Students! We encourage you to serve in Wooddale ministries on Sundays. And when you’re not serving, join us for devotional Bible studies and connection (maybe after you’ve grabbed something from Lydia’s!) in room 170. Afterwards, we’ll go together to the 11 am service. Bring friends!

Wednesday 6:30-8 pm

5/6 Meets in Room 105

This high energy night is designed to help students live out the Bible. Students will be challenged as they hear topics that are relevant to their everyday life. This night is filled with games, worship, teaching and small groups.

7-9 Meets in Room 100

Wednesday nights are a way for you take a break from the craziness of life and recharge. Each Wednesday night includes worship, biblical teaching and whole lot of fun!

10-12 Meets in Great Room

On Wednesday nights, 10-12 grade students will come together to grow in faith via worship through music, sharing, biblical teaching, and LifeGroups (small groups led by faithful mentors).