Answering Your Giving Questions

How secure is giving online?

Online giving uses the secure internet protocol (https://) as its means of communication, meaning that all information transmitted is securely encrypted before it gets sent to our servers.

Can I use the same account that I use to register for Events?

Revised August 2018: A new account will be created during the Online Giving “Sign Up” process. It will not automatically default the email address and password from your “event” account.

Here are three options for keeping both login credentials in sync:

  • Enter the same email address and password as your “event” account when you “Sign Up” for Online Giving.
  • Select the F1 button at the top of the login screen each time you access Online Giving.
  • Please contact Diane at diane.ranney@wooddale.org or Patty at patty.bolz@wooddale.org for assistance.

I can’t log in using my username or password. Help!

Revised August 2018:

  • If you normally fill in your email address and password on the Online Giving log in screen:
    Use this link to reset your password.
  • If you log in using the F1 button:
    Use this link to reset your password.

Can I designate money to multiple funds?

You can designate your contributions to multiple funds in a single transaction.  There are currently four funds:

  1. Ministry – This supports all of the general operating expenses for Wooddale Church, from staff salaries to ministries and programming to the electric bill
  2. Worldwide – This supports Wooddale sponsored Global Partners through Wooddale Worldwide
  3. Vision ’22 – This supports Vision ’22 and our efforts to update our facilities here, create new multi-site campuses near and supports developing new churches far (SE Asia)
  4. Compassion Fund – Funds are used for #WeAreFor opportunities, people’s needs in our congregation and supporting community and local compassion ministries

What forms of payment does Wooddale Church accept?

Online, we accept both e-checks and credit cards. As a security measure, we cannot accept PIN-based transactions; therefore, you will not be able to use a PIN-only debit card. If you would like to give to Wooddale Church in another way, please visit How to Give.

What does my giving go toward?

Where can I get help?

Please contact Diane at diane.ranney@wooddale.org.