LifeGroup Leader Resources


Wooddale Church exists to honor God by making more disciples for Jesus Christ. Our LifeGroup ministry enhances that vision by helping disciples grow in a relational environment, with an intentional leader, and a reproducing process.

    What is a disciple?

    In Matthew 4:19, Jesus said, “Follow me, and I will make your fishers of men.”

    A Disciple of Jesus Christ is someone who is:

    • actively following Jesus (“follow me”)
    • being changed by Jesus (“and I will make you”)
    • committed to the mission of Jesus (“fishers of men”)


For Wooddale’s LifeGroup ministry to be the primary conduit for people to walk the pathway toward spiritual maturity.


LifeGroups exist to build relationships with God and friends, impacting everyday life through connecting, growing, serving and engaging.

Core Values

  • Connect | Relationships that extend beyond group meetings
  • Grow | Motivate members to live more for Jesus (Follow, Be Changed, On Mission)
  • Serve | Serve those inside and outside of the group
  • Engage | Invites and prays for the lost

Core Activities

  1. Meet at least every other week to:
    • Study the Bible through opening God’s Word, Sermon-based questions, video curriculum, book studies or a combination of the above.
    • Enjoy group social activities
    • Serve together
  2. Engage members’ Adopt 7
  3. Pray and care for one another
  4. Ask each other how we are following Jesus, being changed by Jesus and living on mission for Jesus.

Sermon-Based LifeGroup Questions

Current and archived Sermon-Based LifeGroup Questions are available to download at the Sermon Archive.

RightNow Media

Many of our LifeGroups choose to use RightNow Media as a resource for teaching and discussion. RightNow Media is kind of like the “Netflix” of Christian Bible Study. Wooddale pays a subscription fee to RightNow Media for the right to use their materials in all of our LifeGroups. There are over 14,000 Bible Study resources for LifeGroups that will help you grow as a disciple of Jesus. With RightNow Media you can instantly stream biblical teaching to your LifeGroup. RightNow Media is available as an add-on channel on most Smart TV’s. It is available on Apple TV, Roku, through the App Store or on Google Play. If a LifeGroup member misses a meeting, they can easily catch up on their smart phone or computer.

Get your free access to RightNow media by clicking on this link: RightNow Media Access.

Wooddale has put together a helpful list of some of the best studies available on RightNow Media.

Download RightNow Media Studies List (.pdf).

Becoming a Better LifeGroup Leader

Lead Better

Below are resources to help you lead more effectively.

Better Together

Here are some other ministries at Wooddale Church that may benefit your group.