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As we continue to honor God by making more disciples for Jesus Christ, we will be expanding our multi-site strategy and launch additional Wooddale Church locations throughout the Twin Cities. As we increase this multi-site focus, it is important to understand why this strategy is so important for Wooddale Church.

What is a multi-site church?

Simply put, a multi-site church is one church that physically meets in multiple locations. Despite the multiple locations, we remain a unified church with one board, one budget, one statement of faith and a centralized support system. Each campus location has its own live worship, children’s and student ministry and adult discipleship programs, the sermon will be viewed via video in most of the multi-site locations (taped and viewed live at our Eden Prairie Campus).

“Multisite churches grow faster, have more lay participation and reach more new believers than single-site churches.” -Leadership Network Report 2014

Why create additional sites?

  • Location, Location, Location: The strategy of creating additional locations through-out the Twin Cities allows us to bring Wooddale Church to a part of our community that would otherwise not make the drive to our other campuses. Most people who are connected at Wooddale Church live within 15 to 20 minutes of the Eden Prairie or Edina campus. By strategically placing additional campuses around the Twin Cities it allows Wooddale Church to be accessible to more people. This allows Wooddale to be both a large church and a local church
  • Outreach: By taking Wooddale Church to the Twin Cities, we are removing barriers and providing opportunities for us to live out our mission of making more disciples for Jesus. According to a 2014 Leadership Network report, an impressive 85% of surveyed multisite churches are growing—and at the strong rate of 14% per year. Many of those reached are those who were not previously attending church!
  • Leadership Development: 88% of churches report that going multisite increased the role of lay participation. Each time a new site is launched, a new team of leaders, both staff and lay-leaders, are raised up. This allows the church to have more people take more ownership of the church. Wooddale can expect to see an increase in generosity and passion for outreach. Other churches that have launched multisite campuses see an increase in serving and in outreach at all locations.
  • Wise Stewardship: By sharing resources like accounting, HR, children’s ministry curriculum and service programing, it allows each site to focus on the ministry instead of the management of the church. Campus Pastors will not be writing sermons most weeks which frees them up to pastor and engage with their community.

What is happening with our Multi-Site Plans?

Over the past several months we’ve been committed to do five things:

  • Pray: We’ve assembled a team including pastors, lay-leaders and elders to pray, daily, for our multi-site plans. We believe it is Jesus who builds His church; it is our job to respond to the opportunities that God provides.
  • Learn: We have built relationships with several local multi-site churches to learn and collaborate with them. We’ve also established a partnership with a national expert on the multi-site movement, Jim Tomberlin.
  • Research: Demographic data about the Twin Cities has been compiled and analyzed to understand the trends of the population and to find pockets of the metro area that are most in need of additional church locations.
  • Visit: We started by searching potential properties within a 20 minute drive-time of the Eden Prairie campus and have recently narrowed this search to a few key locations, including both suburban and urban locations for Wooddale’s next site.
  • Plan: A team of pastors and department heads has been assembled to plan and prepare for how to expand our ministries across additional site locations.   

How can I help?

Please be in prayer for our Multi-site strategy and for the future location of our 4th campus. If you’d like to see how a multi-site campus functions, please visit the Edina campus or Loring Park campus on a Sunday and visit this page often for more information!


Please contact the Student Ministries Office for more information at 952.944.8360 or student.ministries@wooddale.org


See resources for phone check-in, health and other forms.

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