Take your next spiritual step!


We want to welcome you to the first step in the spiritual Pathway here at Wooddale Church called Connect. Throughout this hour-long class we’ll get to know each other and discuss why relationship with God and others is so important. You’ll have a chance to discuss relevant topics in small groups and go deeper in making connections.


Grow is the second step in the Pathway at Wooddale Church. In this class, you’ll focus on how to live as a follower of Jesus Christ. Spiritual growth is a lifelong process, and no matter where you’re at on the journey, this class will give you practical ways to experience life-changing relational discipleship.


Now that you’re connecting with God and others in a deeper way and growing as a follower of Jesus, you’re ready to experience the joy of serving the way God made you. In this third class on Wooddale’s Pathway, we’ll help you unleash your spiritual gifts to make an impact in our community. You’ll complete an inspiring exercise that demonstrates your unique qualities and have a chance to discuss your skills with others.


When we are committed to the mission of Jesus, it changes the way we interact with others. We want people to know Jesus the way we do. In this fourth step on the Pathway, we’ll focus on how to communicate the faith we have with those God has placed in our life. You’ll learn a simple tool called “Adopt 7” that helps identify, pray for, serve, and share the hope of Jesus with people. You’ll also receive practical help in sharing your personal faith story.


Welcome to the final step in your spiritual pathway at Wooddale. In this hour-long class, you’ll hear about our history, values, beliefs, generosity, and next steps for membership.
To learn more and register, go to wooddale.org/calendar.