Jeff Moser

Growing up in Minnesota, Jeff has come to cherish all four seasons—there’s something so special about watching how life and beauty are constantly restored and made new, and he’s honored to have a front row seat to that happening on the spiritual level in ministry and at Wooddale. Jeff joined staff in 2018 after nearly a decade on staff in the local church, and is privileged to help invest in and guide worship, production and creative teams. However, his highest calling and honor is to be a husband to Erin and father to two young sons, Reese and Wiley. Being their dad, and a partner in life and parenthood with Erin is the greatest joy, adventure (and oftentimes, challenge) of his life. Jeff and his family live in Plymouth and enjoy finding adventure outdoors, cycling and working on the ever present to-do list to help make their fixer upper house a cozier home. Fun fact: Erin and Jeff met at Crown College in choir under Dave Donelson’s direction. (If you want to hear the full story, be sure to ask Dave. If you want the true one, ask Jeff.)