Richard Payne

Richard is Wooddale’s worldwide (missions) pastor. As the pastor and managing director of Wooddale Worldwide, he oversees the mission strategies, global partners (missionaries) and partnering organizations throughout the world. Wooddale Worldwide seeks to share the message of hope offered through Jesus Christ by extending real friendship and lesson suffering through evangelistic and humanitarian efforts close to home and abroad. His desire is to help people attending Wooddale Church get a vision and glimpse of the breadth of God’s Kingdom, see them develop a heart for the world and then do their part to offer hope and lessen suffering in Jesus’ name. Richard says, “I enjoy telling people about what’s going on in the world and asking them to find where God is working and get involved there.” To that end, Wooddale Worldwide provides many opportunities to get involved, whether it’s locally or from within another culture.

Richard holds a bachelor’s in marketing and an MBA from the University of Tennessee. He attended the MAGL program at Fuller Seminary. He is married to Darcie. (They met at Wooddale Church.) They have two adult children, including a daughter-in-law and a granddaughter! Richard’s family enjoys traveling, water sports, snow sports and having fun with friends.