I prayed for this

Prayed for 32 times.


I lost my job with Covid in March, got a new job and then they lost their two largest clients and they cut my hours way back, so I decided to leave and find a permanent position. It's been hard and money I had set aside to fix issues with my house are now going to pay the bills and I'm worried. I had a good job interview last week but am over qualified. Please pray that they see my value and will invest for the long term and that I will get the job.

The second is for my son who is going through a hard time at age 15. All of his classes are online so he's very distanced from his friends. He plays volleyball and for the past two years has not been placed on a good team. He really needs to get on a good team with his friends. He was just diagnosed with situational anxiety and borderline major depression. This would do wonders for his self esteem. This family has taken quite a few hits with my job loss, their dad just told them he's getting divorced and we expect that his grandfather will pass any day now. It's been tough! Not to mention covid. Thanks for your prayers and support!

Received: November 9, 2020