I prayed for this

Prayed for 18 times.

Tom & Karen Sutera

Such a rough time. Please pray for our family. I do not know how much longer our son, Tom, with stomach and colon cancer has on this earth. We are so grateful that he knows Christ! May God help him. He hasn't been doing well the last couple of days. Swallowing trouble is really bad. His Dr is getting him an urgent referral for a feeding tube evaluation and more scheduled hydration appointments in the upcoming week.

We can't do this without God! My husband and I are both having health issues to get under control before we head back out to CA where our son lives. Our daughter, Sandee, and son, Rob are working on coordinating visits with his girlfriend, Ashley, so he is not in a situation where he is alone. He is a single Dad. We anticipate that we will again travel to CA to be with him for an extended time the week of Jan 25 if this is God’s plan. His daughter, Rebecca, 19 years old, really doesn't know how to process this.

I (Karen) have challenges with diabetes that I am trying to get under control during this time plus I had my yearly mammogram on Thursday. They called me because they saw something. I have a follow up mammogram and ultrasound tomorrow to determine if it is anything I have to deal with.

My husband Tom had rotator cuff surgery on Dec 11. He is currently still in a sling and doing physical therapy. Add to this the pandemic and what is going on in our country. We ask for prayers and thank you for them!! We still believe God can confound all the doctors and heal our son, but even if He does not, we trust Him! He loves all of us and works for our good and on our behalf. Thank you for your patience in reading this.

Received: January 10, 2021