I prayed for this

Prayed for 6 times.

John Colby

Thank God for Wooddale’s women in ministry: Heather, Maddie, Megan, Julie. Praise Heather for teaching. May I hear the good voices and scrub the lies of my past (abuse).

Pray for my Dad as he’s diminishing in health with lack of socialization. In addition, may I find Him my guide as I care for his quality of life in a time of dementia.

Praise Yahweh for working through me at work in an oppressive environment to perform at supernatural capacity! Like Moses, he delivers! May I focus on the Great I AM! May I know whose I am!

Pray for friend Katie. May she hear good voices that speak into her perceived limitations about being capable for relationships. May she see GOD as our reliance, dependence and strength to overcome mountains of depression.

May I look to Him in my loneliness to find trusted true friends who will be warriors in life side by side and not run or abandon the battle.

Thank God for Brian Schulenburg, his compassion to take me to lunch and spend time hearing my distress and praying, but most importantly walking me through it.

Received: August 29, 2021