I prayed for this

Prayed for 4 times.

John Colby

Praise God of Provision: I had a surprise increase in payment and received an extra $600 today in checking account to pay mortgage.

God is active and alive: Thanks for seeing God at work through his word in recreational ministry with reaching the lost. He is author of Truth. Praise for Truth being being sought in a culture marred in lies, accusations and division.

God is a reconciler and a redeemer. Praise and thanks for our city coming back together in worship and song at Loring Park.

Pray for Watermark ministry to renew marriages and hope and enrichment.

Pray for new opportunities for income and letting lost positions in interviewing go. May I focus on gap positions for paying bills.

Praise for being able to have broken water service line covered with insurance and $7500 savings. Pray to keep me attuned to messages of hope from Dale and BSF, to abide in Holy Spirit's guidance in my financial situation.

God is God of peace who understands and is in control. Pray I may relax in His comfort in this time of uncertainty.

Pray for ACTS 2 church community being lived out to break bread, genuine care for one another and sing song and share in life together at Edina campus.

Received: February 7, 2022