Training More Pastors In Nepal

Greetings From Kathmandu!

Pastor Richard and I are in Nepal this week and we are excited about what God is doing here through Wooddale church! I wanted to keep you up to date on all the amazing things that are happening.

I have the great privilege to teach 40 church planting leaders while I am here. Each of those leaders have 10-20 Timothies (church planters) who they are training to plant churches.They like to call themselves the Wooddale Group!

attachment-1These pastors come with stories that continue to be like that of the NT. Today one pastor shared a story of a woman in his village who was demon possessed. Many of the villages in India have a head Shaman who casts spells and sacrifices to the various gods. This woman, who had been into black magic and had many spells on her, was desperate and came to Thenthe, the Timothy Pastor sharing this story, for help. He gathered the few believers that were in his village and they prayed and fasted for her for seven days. She was delivered! Several came to faith because of the  miracle.  Will you join us in praying for her? Her family has cut her off because she chose to convert to Christianity. She is strong in the Lord and says she will never go back to her old way of life even if it means being dispossessed by her family. God is good!

Wooddale, God is using your prayers and sacrificial gifts to change lives for His glory ! Thank you for continually praying and giving for our efforts here, near and far.

Pastor Dale