Woods Kids Store

Welcome to the Woods Kids Store!

Children have the opportunity to earn points during children’s programming throughout the year. Points earned in Wednesday night programming are W.O.W. points while points earned through Sunday morning programming are Woods Bucks. These points are earned by verse memorization, participating in weekly themes, bringing Bibles, inviting friends, or simply showing up to our programs! The goal of this incentive program is to encourage kids to engage with programming content and scripture so they have a deeper and stronger foundation in Christ.

How to Spend Your Points

  1. Count how many W.O.W. points or Woods Bucks you have.
  2. Browse the store for items you want to earn by either spending your current points or saving points to get a more expensive item.
  3. Decide if you will spend your points in person or virtually.
    • To spend your points in person, show up to one of the scheduled Woods Kids Store dates to grab an item from the store or see a list of specialty in-person-only items.
    • To spend your points virtually, fill out this form.

2021 In-person Store Dates

  • January 13 and 17
  • May 2 and 5
  • September 19 and 22


Mystery Items!

Come to one of our in-person store dates to see a rotation of mysterious, unique items that are only available for that store date!

15 Woods Bucks | 30 W.O.W. Points.

20 Woods Bucks | 40 W.O.W. Points.

30 Woods Bucks | 60 W.O.W. Points.

40 Woods Bucks | 80 W.O.W. Points.

50 Woods Bucks | 100 W.O.W. Points.

75 Woods Bucks | 150 W.O.W. Points.

100 Woods Bucks | 200 W.O.W. Points.

150 Woods Bucks | 300 W.O.W. Points.

200 Woods Bucks | 450 W.O.W. Points.

300 Woods Bucks | 600 W.O.W. Points

400 Woods Bucks | 800 W.O.W. Points

500 Woods Bucks | 1,000 W.O.W. Points

Family experience party, which includes:

  • 4 unlimited ride wristbands to Nickelodeon Universe or 4 all access day passes to Sky Zone Trampoline Park
  • $50 gift card to a restaurant of your choice
  • Box of 12 YOYO Donuts or Large Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake
  • Woods Kids Swag Bag

Giving Your Woods Bucks | W.O.W. Points

Give your hard-earned points to our current giving partner!
For every W.O.W. point or Woods Buck you give, Woods Kids will donate 10 cents to the current giving partner.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I order from the store when it isn’t an in-person store date?
Yes! Fill out this form to place your order.

What mystery items will you have at the in-person store dates?
We’ll have a mystery table full of mysterious, unique items that are only available for that store date. You’ll have to come to see what’s “in store!”