Go and Make Disciples of all Nations

Become a Disciple-making Church for Jesus Christ

All congregations are in a constant state of transformation. Regardless of size, they are either growing, on a plateau or in decline. They also are faced with making decisions in a world where the pace of change is constantly accelerating.

To help congregations successfully navigate these challenges while reaching more disciples for Jesus Christ, Wooddale Church has created a collection of critical seminars called Wooddale Advance. The seminars are based not only on the trial-and-error lessons that have led Wooddale down a path of effective transformation, but also on extensive research, and theological and practical thinking.

Experience Hope

Wooddale Advance is designed to offer pastors, staff members, board/council members, lay leaders and congregations hope for greater effectiveness in fulfilling the Great Commission. Here’s what they’re saying:

“You’ve made a great contribution to our district and denomination. The number of prevailing churches has doubled to around 40% and our cohorts are working on the next 20%. Not an undertaking for the faint of heart! We would not have been able to pick our way across the creek without your original instruction and example. Truly essential.”
-Gary Taitinger, District Superintendent, Pentecostal Assemblies of Alberta and the Northwest Territories

“You’ve been one of the biggest influences in our denomination for church transformation. You’ve helped congregations become passionate for their core mission and pastors learn the behaviors needed to lead transformation. As a result, most congregations you’ve worked with have grown 15-50% in attendance, budgets have increased and the congregation is more united in their purpose than ever before.”
-Dr. Dana Allin, Synod Executive, Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians

To help create the perfect learning setting and best meet your needs, you can pick and choose seminars from both our digital and in-person curriculums.

Tailor Your Path​

Digital Curriculum

The primary focus is on leading continual congregational change, both for the congregation and for the leaders of the congregation.
  • The seminars include:
  • On-demand seminars: Learn at your own speed
  • Teaching notes: Get key takeaways from each session
  • Individual or group coaching: Work with a Wooddale Advance leader
  • A consultation: Determine how to move on to greater levels of effectiveness

In-Person Curriculum

The primary focus is on face-to-face training for groups of congregations or congregational leaders on the Wooddale Campus or locales in your community.
  • The seminars include:
  • Network: Learn how other church leaders deal with similar issues
  • Helpful conversations: Talk with Wooddale’s pastors and leaders
  • Training: Learn how to handle issues that divide rather than unite churches
  • Feedback: Get continual personal access to Wooddale leaders

Get on Mission with the Great Commission

Wooddale Advance exists to honor God by developing, equipping and supporting healthy disciple-making churches. The educational program is backed by leaders with more than 75 years of experience in congregational transformation, ministering to churches around the globe. Watch the video below to hear more about Wooddale Advance, then click on the FREE RESOURCES button to access a library of free content to help you lead your congregation well.

You’re Invited!

Bring the Wooddale Advance experience to your church and become the next transformation story that makes disciples hear, near and far.

Meet your leaders

Paul Borden

Paul Borden is the director of Wooddale Advance. Paul has served as a pastor in a smaller congregation and co-pastor of a large, growing teaching church. He has also served as academic dean at Western Bible College and Denver Seminary. In his role as a denominational leader, he saw God transform over 150 congregations to become growing, Great Commission churches and was able to lead this group of congregations to plant 100 new churches. He has consulted with over 1,500 congregations and 35 denominations. He has written four books: Hit the Bullseye, Direct Hit, Assaulting the Gates and Make or Break Your Church in 365 Days. Paul holds a Bachelor of Science from Philadelphia College of Bible, a Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. from the University of Denver.

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Dale Hummel

Dale Hummel was called as senior pastor of Wooddale Church on April 28, 2013. He began his ministry in a small rural church, eventually ending up in Eden Prairie, Minnesota to lead a church of more than 4,000. Every step of the way, God has used Dale to help churches reinvent their future. He frequently consults with churches across the nation and has written two editions of How to Lead the Church for overseas church planters, with another book to be released soon. Teaming up with Wooddale Worldwide, Dale travels extensively to promote Wooddale’s mission: to honor God by making more disciples for Jesus Christ. He has also led Wooddale to embrace a vision called Hope Beyond, which endeavors to spread the hope of the Gospel to a million people here, near and far by the year 2022. Dale and his wife Marcia have three children and four grandchildren.

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Kyle Robinson

Kyle Robinson serves as the executive pastor of ministry for Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. In his role he provides leadership to fulfilling the vision of imparting the hope of the Gospel here, near and far. Kyle and his wife Stephanie were committed volunteers at Wooddale Church for a decade before Kyle joined the staff. Their two children are actively involved in the ministry of the church. Kyle is an avid runner and scuba diver, and loves to share stories over cups of strong coffee. Kyle spent 10 years in corporate and management consulting roles before joining Wooddale’s team and holds two master’s degrees and a doctorate in leadership studies.

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Pat Mazorol

Pat Mazorol serves as chair of Wooddale Church. He led the transition of leadership in his roles as chair of the senior pastor search team and church chair. Pat is an attorney with 23 years of business experience as chief executive officer of two national trust banks and senior vice president of a Christian university. He currently practices law and consults on business planning, leadership succession, leadership transition and board governance. Pat’s governance experience includes service as chair of two nonprofit boards, governance committee chair of an international humanitarian ministry board and vice chair of a Christian university board of trustees. Pat and his wife Barbara have two daughters and eight grandchildren. His most avid interests are grandchildren, reading, films, golf and Disney World.

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