How can we support you in prayer?

To pray is simply to communicate with God. It’s a regular part of our relationship with Him. Whether you need prayer or want help growing in prayer, we’re here to help!


Let’s pray for:

  • The city of Minneapolis—for love, humility, compassion, truth, unity and God’s justice (Micah 6:8).

  • Teachers, parents, counselors and others as they shape children’s lives (Luke 18:16).

  •  God’s will to be done in the rollout of the vaccine and healing for our nation (Isaiah 53:5).

  •  Those facing financial challenges and seeking employment (Psalm 90:17).

  • For those dealing with stress, depression and anxiety to find hope in Jesus (Romans 5:5).

Weekly Wooddale Prayer Call
Join us in prayer for our nation and church family on Saturday mornings. For more information, please contact prayer@wooddale.org.


Family Prayer Drive
Next time your family is planning a longer drive, pray through part of it together. Take turns praying for the people, streets and businesses God highlights along the way. You might even stop at a favorite spot like a park to linger for a few minutes of extra prayer. This helps teach kids to be attentive to God’s promptings to pray for what they see each day.

Developing a Grateful Heart in Prayer
Gratitude is powerful and contagious. Instead of focusing on negative things happening in our lives, it puts the focus on God and His daily blessings. Psalm 100:4 says thanksgiving is a great way to come to our Heavenly Father. Encourage your child to tell God one thing he or she is thankful for each day during bedtime prayers. You can teach by example and start the prayer time by sharing your gratitude.


Click on these tips for praying in LifeGroups to learn more.

Those with more experience who are comfortable praying out loud can guide and encourage those who are newer to it. Set the expectation that it’s an invitation to pray (rather than a command) and it’s fine to agree silently. It helps if the leader begins the prayer time and models what it expected and what the focus should be.

Make sure no one is monopolizing the prayer time. The length of our prayers should be adjusted to accommodate the size of the group and time allotted to pray. It can help to ask someone to open and someone else to close. The person closing should pause to make sure no one else wants to pray before closing.

Our goal is to lay aside or natural inclinations, opinions, and reasoning to submit to the Holy Spirit’s leadership in prayer. Be aware of themes that emerge in prayer and when the Spirit shifts the direction of prayer.

It can help to prepare for a time of prayer by reading a brief portion of Scripture that relates to the focus. Encourage people to pray in agreement with God’s Word in a positive manner.

Prayer is primarily an activity of the heart. Prayers of agreement on a heart level with God and each other are powerful. It is not necessary to pray long, eloquent prayers or to impress others. Be yourself and use your own words.

Trust in the character of God and His desire to answer prayers in agreement with His will.

To learn how you can make an impact through building a culture of prayer, please contact Kristine at prayer@wooddale.org.