How can we support you in prayer?

To pray is simply to communicate with God. It’s a regular part of our relationship with Him. Whether you need prayer or want help growing in prayer, we’re here to help!


Let’s pray for:

  • Wooddale’s Christmas services to reach many people here, near and far (Isaiah 9:6).
  • Unity in our nation through the love, grace and mercy of Jesus Christ (John 17:22-23).
  • Those in emotional, physical, or spiritual crisis to have hope and help (Romans 15:13).
  • Opportunities to serve our neighbors in practical ways (Matthew 25:38-40).
  • God’s will to be done in stewarding what He’s entrusted to us in the coming year (Haggai 2:6-8).

Weekly Wooddale Prayer Call 

God does more when we pray. He says, “You do not have because you do not ask” (James 4:2). Join us in prayer for God’s purposes to prevail here, near and far. For more information, please contact prayer@wooddale.org.


“When my daughter was in kindergarten, we faced a crisis at her school. I quickly learned that it helps to pray with other people in times like that. I didn’t really know how to pray or the power of prayer yet, but God led me to a group of praying moms who taught me.

Moms are super busy and I was no exception, but I kept that special one-hour prayer time each week. It changed my family’s life. Now 20 years later, I’m still praying for my children, their spouses, and future grandchildren. I will never stop! I have seen God answer prayer after prayer. I have a strong group of faithful women who are life-long friends and confidants because they have prayed for my children with me. And no matter what difficulties my kids face, I know they are securely in God’s hands, and He loves them more than I do!” – Lisa S.

For information about Moms in Prayer or Dads in Prayer, email prayer@wooddale.org.


Click on these tips for praying in LifeGroups to learn more.

Those with more experience who are comfortable praying out loud can guide and encourage those who are newer to it. Set the expectation that it’s an invitation to pray (rather than a command) and it’s fine to agree silently. It helps if the leader begins the prayer time and models what it expected and what the focus should be.

Make sure no one is monopolizing the prayer time. The length of our prayers should be adjusted to accommodate the size of the group and time allotted to pray. It can help to ask someone to open and someone else to close. The person closing should pause to make sure no one else wants to pray before closing.

Our goal is to lay aside or natural inclinations, opinions, and reasoning to submit to the Holy Spirit’s leadership in prayer. Be aware of themes that emerge in prayer and when the Spirit shifts the direction of prayer.

It can help to prepare for a time of prayer by reading a brief portion of Scripture that relates to the focus. Encourage people to pray in agreement with God’s Word in a positive manner.

Prayer is primarily an activity of the heart. Prayers of agreement on a heart level with God and each other are powerful. It is not necessary to pray long, eloquent prayers or to impress others. Be yourself and use your own words.

Trust in the character of God and His desire to answer prayers in agreement with His will.

To learn how you can make an impact through building a culture of prayer, please contact Kristine at prayer@wooddale.org.