Care and Support

Care in Community

To breathe the presence of Jesus and the hope of the Gospel into the defining moments of people’s lives.

We all experience challenges in life – times when we need extra care and support. Stephen ministers are trained to provide emotional and spiritual care for anyone facing a crisis or difficult circumstance in life. Through confidential one-on-one times of conversation, prayer and encouragement, Stephen ministers support people in these defining moments of life.

What if a man who has just faced a divorce had someone to walk with him? What if a single mom who just lost her job knew she wasn’t alone? What about those facing a terminal diagnosis, the loneliness of an empty nest or the stress of having just transferred to a new location? No matter what the difficult situation is, we want to offer the hope and love of Jesus.

Contact us at stephen.ministry@wooddale.org if you need help or would like to become a Stephen minister.

A Place at the Table (APATT) is for those who have lost a spouse to connect with one another, share fellowship, provide resources and offer hope and comfort. We meet for coffee, teaching and table discussion once a month from January through October. We also meet for seminars on topics such as “Loss of a Spouse” and “Surviving the Holidays.”

To learn more, contact Jim at jim.bast@wooddale.org.

We’re here to come alongside Wooddale members and attenders whose loved one has passed away. All funeral and memorial services are officiated by a Wooddale Church pastor and are held in the Worship Center, Chapel and Great Room at our Eden Prairie campus and may also be held at our Edina campus.

Please contact Pastoral Care at pastoral.care@wooddale.org or call 952.944.6300 to set up a service time.

(Please note that we do not rent out our facilities to outside groups.)

When illness and hospital stays become a part of our lives, it helps to have a caring person visit and pray with us. If you will be in the hospital, please let us know. Contact pastoral.care@wooddale.org to set up a visit. If you need to reach someone after hours, you may call the pastoral visitor’s cell phone at 612.239.6622.

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding! We hope this season of life will be a rich experience as you prepare to join together in Christian marriage. If you’re a regular attender or member of Wooddale Church, we’d love to help you prepare and plan for your wedding. We ask that all couples who get married at Wooddale Church or by a Wooddale pastor:

  • Complete premarital counseling through Wooddale at least four months prior to the wedding date. This includes 10 hours of counseling as well as a half-day seminar.
  • Become members or regular attenders at least six months prior to the wedding date with the intention of remaining part of the Wooddale Church community after the wedding.
  • Complete our seven-step process of:
  1. Filling out an application
  2. Scheduling an initial meeting with the officiating pastor
  3. Completing premarital counseling
  4. Completing the half-day seminar
  5. Contacting the wedding coordinator to discuss details
  6. Scheduling a follow-up meeting with the officiating pastor to discuss wedding details
  7. Paying the invoice for the wedding coordinator, facilities, sound technician, candles, honorarium for the officiating pastor, and any other items

If you’re ready to get started in planning your big day with Wooddale Church, please contact Babs Swanson at Babs.Swanson@wooddale.org or 952.656.1453.

Support Groups at Wooddale Church provide peer support, understanding, and encouragement. Some of the groups also include an educational element. These groups are not designed to take the place of professional counseling. Instead they are a place to meet others facing the same life issues and offer each other support.


Job Transition Support Group

Mondays, 7:15 a.m. (Eden Prairie Campus)

The Wooddale Job Transition Support Group is for anyone who is currently unemployed, underemployed or looking for a new opportunity. Weekly meetings assist attendees with prayer, spiritual support and motivation. This is a great place to network, have your resume reviewed and find new resources for your search.

Visit the Job Transition Support Group


Divorce Care

Divorce Care is a great way to start the healing and recovery process following a divorce or separation. Sessions incorporate video, discussion and teaching and cover topics such as anger, depression, loneliness, parenting, forgiveness, reconciliation, moving on and God’s role in it all. It’s typically offered twice per year on Thursday evenings at our Eden Prairie campus.

To learn more and to register, go to wooddale.org/calendar or contact Pastoral Care at pastoral.care@wooddale.org.

Homebound Ministry

Caring volunteers will visit those who are homebound on a regular basis to pray with them, share communion and give updates on what’s happening at Wooddale Church. If you’re interested in becoming a visitor or if you know of a homebound member who would benefit from this ministry, please contact pastoral.care@wooddale.org.


Outside Community Groups

Wooddale is glad to host a variety of community groups who are using our facilities to make a difference.

Mondays 7-9 pm (Eden Prairie)
Room 108
For anyone who feels their life has been or is being deeply affected by someone else’s drinking.

Al-Anon for Parents
Thursdays 7:30- 9:30 pm (Edina)
Room 110
For parents who feel their life has been or is being deeply affected by their child’s drinking.

Bryant Lake AA
Monday 7-9 pm (Eden Prairie)
Room 170
The primary purpose of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is to carry the message of recovery to the alcoholic seeking help. This group is open to men and women.

Daily Reprieve AA
Tuesdays 6-8 pm (Eden Prairie)
For Women Only
Room 132
The purpose of these AA group meetings is for AA members to share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.

Fox Hall AA
Thursdays 7:30-9:30 pm (Eden Prairie)
Room 170
This is an AA group open to men and women seeking to recover from alcoholism.

Debtors Anonymous
Saturdays 10:30 am -12 pm (Eden Prairie)
Room 125
Attendees of Debtors Anonymous desire to stop incurring unsecured debt.

Thursdays 7-9 pm (Eden Prairie)
Room 135
Gam-Anon is a 12 Step self-help fellowship of men and women who have been affected by the gambling problem of another.

Gamblers Anonymous
Thursdays 7-9 pm (Eden Prairie)
Room 109-111
For those who have a desire to stop gambling.

Twelve Step Recovery Group
Thursday 6-8 pm (Eden Prairie)
Room 125
Mike C: 612-735-8026
Jordan M: 320-583-3532
For those seeking freedom from addictive sexual behavior in an accepting, non-threatening environment where people can share common struggles and learn how to apply the principles of the twelve steps to their everyday lives.

Parkinson’s Disease Support Group
Second Wednesday of the month from 11 am – Noon
Room 145
Craig Johnson – 612-750-2057
This group meets to share stories and help each other live well with Parkinson’s.

These groups are designed to provide ongoing support to family members of those living with mental health challenges. Discover hope, increase understanding of mental illness and treatment options, and connect with others in a confidential and structured setting. 

To learn more, please contact Pastoral Care at pastoral.care@wooddale.org.

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