Staff Highlight

I began attending Wooddale Church in college and volunteered with the high school ministry. When I first applied for an internship here, I remember telling Pastor Clyde McDowell that because I loved the Lord, I regularly told others about Him and invited them to Church. I felt like my whole life had been an internship but now I was applying for an “official” one.

After serving as the college pastor at Wooddale, my wife Sarah and I moved to California to begin my role as the outreach and assimilation pastor for Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church. Six years later, we moved with our family to Sioux Falls, South Dakota where I served as senior pastor at Faith Baptist Fellowship for the next 19 years. Thereafter, our journey continued to Minnesota where I became the executive minister of Converge North Central, where I served for 12 ½ years. On October 1, 2020, my story came full circle as I returned to Wooddale in great delight to accept my current role as care pastor.

Cultural Commitments

  • Move it Forward – We empower one another to personally take action to further our mission.
  • Together is Better – We collaborate as one big team and prize asking one another for help.
  • Choose to Trust – We build our relationships on vulnerability and believing the best about one another.
  • Thrive in Life – We lead healthy ministry by living healthy lives, both inside and out.
  • Put on Love – We treat everyone with sincere love, no exceptions.
  • Keep it Fun – We are passionate about what we do and how we do it. Plan on laughing along the way.