The Story of Joseph

Use this study to take a look at the life of Joseph who, throughout all the uncertainty he faced in his life, gives us a great example of how to find purpose in the midst of it.

Week 1: Falling from Favor

Meet Joseph. The favorite son and dreamer whose brothers sold him into slavery. How does it feel when you’ve been broken and you’re wondering how God will use the situation? Learn how Joseph handled life’s uncertainties in this lesson.

Week 2: Success and Seduction

From power to imprisonment, Joseph experiences a quick reversal in his life’s direction. Have you ever experienced a drastic change in your life? How should we respond to life’s ups and downs?

Week 3: Confined but Courageous

Have you ever felt forgotten? This is how Joseph must have felt when he was stuck in an Egyptian prison. In this study, we learn how to trust God despite our situation.

Week 4: Positioned with Purpose

From prisoner to prime minister, Joseph’s status quickly elevates in his new position. When we are redeemed in Christ, we receive benefits and privileges as well. The benefits and privileges of the Gospel bring us new life and hope.

Week 5: Guile and Guilt

Now the ball is in Joseph’s court. How will Joseph treat the brothers who cruelly betrayed him?