Wooddale Church Women’s Ministry offerings are varied and welcoming for anyone desiring to grow in relationship with God – whether single, married, career-oriented, family-oriented, younger, older or anywhere in between. We offer classes, events and opportunities that challenge and encourage women.

The offerings below have been organized in four categories:

  • Connect: No matter the season you’re in, you can connect in women’s ministries!
  • Grow: Delve into scripture and deepen relationships with other women through these studies.
  • Serve: Come alongside other like-minded women in a capacity that is both fulfilling and giving. Discover the opportunities to share your gifts with others through volunteering and/or special interest groups.
  • Share: Women’s ministry is a safe place to feel equipped and encouraged! We have several opportunities to help you grow and mature in your faith.

Moms Connect: Early Years

Moms Connect: Early Years supports, equips and encourages members in their growing relationship with Jesus Christ through Biblical teaching, shared experiences and fellowship in the season of motherhood. Join other moms with children (newborn through grade four) as we gather in-person twice monthly for the school year 2021-2022 for speakers, small group breakouts, and simultaneous children’s programming. Register now to be included in summer playdate announcements; groups will formally begin meeting in the fall (zoom option available).

Introductory Video

Varied time & day options | Individual homes + online only | Summer Playdates, plus fall season groups forming | Free

Moms Connect: Teens & Tweens

Moms Connect: Teens & Tweens comes alongside you as a community specifically intent on providing Biblical truth and targeted discussion to equip and encourage moms as they navigate parenting children in the pre-teen age through high school. The live presentation is broadcast via zoom at noon, and recorded for the evening zoom. Lunchtime food and beverage options available at 7 Corners Coffee. Consider registering via the link to express interest in receiving monthly invitations.

Introductory Video

Second Thursday | October 2021-May 2022 | 11:45 am (in person and zoom) OR 8 pm (online via zoom) | Free

Chosen Treasure 2.0

A beautiful program designed to encourage spiritual growth and open communication for moms and daughters in special “date-like” experiences, plus fellowship with other moms and nurtured friendships among the girls. Exclusively presented to our 5/6 grade programming. Devotional teaching, interactive activities and intentional discussion reinforces our identity in Christ and individuality as a gift from God.

Fourth Sunday | 11:45  am – 1 pm | October 2021 – May 2022 | Free

Women Connect

It can feel difficult to find close fellowship with other women within a church that initially feels so large. Yet, the Bible instructs us to invest in intergenerational relationships with each other. We are called to pass along stories of God’s faithfulness and challenges, which promotes a culture of discipleship. Women Connect is a great way to deepen connections with others in a comfortable and casual setting where faith is nurtured and relationship is fostered. Relevant speaking topics, discussion and opportunities for prayer.
Consider registering now to receive correspondence regarding the fall start-up!

First & Third Wednesday | 6:45 – 7:45 pm | October 2021 – May 2022 | Free

Mama Bear Apologetics Book Club

We are in a battle… over the influence on today’s youth.

Our kids are being blasted with very worldly messaging that has been creeping in through books, tv, music, and mainstream curriculum. If we don’t recognize the lies of the culture, we can’t defend against them. Join one of many options of summer book clubs poring through the book Mama Bear Apologetics, where we will learn to identify the lies and learn tactics to teach our kids to separate the good from the bad; to learn to keep the good and reject the bad. We will pore through the book in bite-sized pieces, all the while benefitting from the fellowship and solidarity of new friends. 90-minute gatherings, 8 weeks of content.

Introductory Video

Monday AM Kristin R | 9:30 am | June 14 | EP Campus – Room 158  | Free
Monday PM Vikki B | 6:30 pm | June 14 | In Home – Plymouth | Free
Tuesday PM Sarah T | 7:45 pm | June 15 | In Home – Edina | Free
Tuesday PM Amy L | 6:15 pm | June 15 | In Home – Hopkins | Free
Wednesday AM Stephanie T | 9:30 am | June 16 | EP Campus – Room 147  | Free
Wednesday PM AJ S | 6:30 pm | June 16 | In Home – Eden Prairie | Free
Wednesday PM Maria H | 6:15 pm | June 16 | In Home – South Minneapolis | Free
Thursday AM Faith J | 8 am | June 17 | In Home – Chanhassen | Free

Book Clubs

Wooddale Book Clubs offer a supportive Christ-centered community where avid readers can connect to develop their Christian perspective. In these traditional book clubs, a new book is read each month. Click on the links below to be taken to a list of the books planned for the year.

Second Monday Afternoon | 1-3 p.m. | Lydia’s Coffeehouse | Year-round | Free | Book list
Second Monday Evening | 7-9 p.m. | Room 117-119 | Year-round | Free | Book list

Get Out of Your Head Book Club

Suitable to this unique season is a new pop-up book club run by Wooddale members discussing the book “Get Out of Your Head.” In this book, author Jennie Allen helps us shift negative thinking patterns to take back control of our thoughts and emotions, reminding us that we can choose hope in the midst of chaos. Join other women in stopping the negative spiral of toxic thinking with this book club! Participate in an established group or Wooddale members have the option to lead their own group with support material provided by Women’s Ministry.

Monday PM | 6 – 7:30 pm | The Den | June 14 – July 26 | Free

Book of 1st Corinthians
Christianity calls us to sacrifice instead of living for oneself. The Christians in Corinth tried to live the Christian life in a worldly way, while Paul’s writings challenged them to follow Jesus and only Jesus. In this 12-part series, author and speaker Jennie Allen walks into the messy lives of the Corinthians and takes us through Paul’s words to the conflicted church. We’ll see how the truth of the gospel and the Spirit of God can empower us to choose to follow Jesus every day of our lives.
Participants (via Zoom) will view a short teaching video and complete homework prior to each session. Registration deadline March 29th. All materials and class information will be emailed automatically upon registration.
Teaching Leader: Pam Evans

Introductory Video

Monday PM Online | 6:30 – 7:30 pm | Zoom | *April 5 – May 10 & June 7 – July 12 | Free
Thursday AM Online | 9:30 – 10:30 am | Zoom | **April 8 – May 13 & June 10 – July 15 | Free
*class will pause for 3 week break (4/11-4/21)
**class will pause for 3 week break (5/2-6/3)

Voices: God or Imposter?
When so many voices claim to speak for God, how do you know what to do? In the New Testament, Jesus taught how to stand firm in truth in the face of false teachings and lying prophets. In this study we’ll look at how God communicates today to His people so we can learn to differentiate the true and the false and stand firm in these last days. We’ll answer difficult questions such as how God has spoken in these last days, what warnings Jesus gave about other voices and how can we know truth in this age of lies and deception.
Teaching Leader: Barbara Mazorol

Wednesday AM Online | 9:30 – 11:30 am | Zoom | June 16 – August 25 | Free (buy book from teacher)

Proverbs: God’s Truth
This study is for men and women. Wisdom seems elusive in our world where people see themselves as ultimate authorities, but God’s Word, the Bible, calls Christians to a better way – His way. As we go through the book of Proverbs, we’ll learn the nitty-gritty, nuts and bolts, practical truth about life that works. We’ll learn how to walk with confidence, obeying Jesus’ command to “be wise as serpents and innocent as doves”.
Teaching Leader: Barbara Mazorol

Thursday PM Online | 6:45 – 9 pm | Zoom |June 17 – August 26 | Free (buy book from teacher)

1-1 Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual mentoring is designed for two people to meet regularly for personal growth and transformation. Meetings include Bible study, discussion and prayer. If you’re interested in being mentored or becoming a mentor, please click here to download or complete an application online.

Knit Together

Come join in knitting and crocheting healing/prayer shawls and other projects to donate to various faith-based organizations. 

Lead volunteer: Barb Madson

First Wednesday | 2-4 p.m. | 7 Corners Coffee | October-May | Free


Make new friends and serve our community by sewing quilts for Wooddale-supported ministries. Potluck lunch on Thursdays.

Lead volunteer: Nancy Miller – 612-201-5240

Second & Fourth Thursday & Friday | Time TBD | Room 147 | Free

Serving at Wooddale

There are a variety of serving opportunities at Wooddale. To help find the best fit for you, please fill out our Serving at Wooddale application. If you’re interested in serving in Women’s Ministry specifically, please include that on your application and the Women’s Ministry director will reach out to you to discuss opportunities available.


We know that finding community can be tough and you’re likely looking for a place to belong. We’re here to help! LifeGroups is our way of doing small group community at Wooddale Church. These groups of 8 to 16 people meet regularly in various locations throughout the Twin Cities to study the Bible, pray for each other, serve others and have fun. Click here to find a group.

Stephen Ministries

We all experience challenges in life – times when we need extra care and support. Stephen ministers are trained to provide emotional and spiritual care for anyone facing a crisis or difficult circumstance in life. Through confidential one-on-one times of conversation, prayer and encouragement, Stephen ministers support people in these defining moments of life. Email if you need help or would like to become a Stephen minister.