Francine and Rose’s Story

Francine came into my life when she and her husband moved from International Falls to Minneapolis. They left the city they knew, along with their friends and families. I could relate to how lonely and lost that can feel. We, too, had moved to a new city in 1995.

I remember my first meeting with Francine. We were at a coffee shop. Francine was a quiet, introspective young woman so I did my best to make her feel comfortable by sharing about myself and asking some questions about her life too. We continued to meet weekly, one-on-one, talking about our lives and engaging with scripture together. I could see Francine slowly becoming more comfortable with me. I learned more about her—her desires, hurts and love for others—and a trusting relationship began to form.

Over the past 10 years, Francine and I have grown closer and closer, sharing our joys and sorrows as sisters in Christ. Whether it was celebrating the birth of her sons or grieving with her after a miscarriage, we’ve stuck together through it all. We’re always there to support and love each other. It’s amazing how God can use a friendship to stretch us in our faith, and teach us who He is and who He wants us to be as women. We’re better together—for Him! -Rose

I was nervous to meet Rose. But I knew I needed this. I’d been in Minneapolis for almost two years and hadn’t found true connection. With no immediate family in the area I was feeling lonely. I was crawling into my own shell. I knew we would be having kids soon and if I didn’t find an outside source of encouragement I would slide backward.

When I met Rose, I immediately clicked with her. We began meeting every week for Bible study. At first our relationship was like most others on the surface, but I slowly opened up to her more and more about my personal life. It felt like I was pulling back the curtains that were blocking the light in my life.

When my husband and I decided to start a family, I got pregnant fairly quickly. Ten weeks later, I lost my first baby. I didn’t know what to do. With no immediate family around, my husband and I were at a loss. But Rose was there. She knew of the hardships of miscarriage and I was so touched by her support and encouragement. It’s beautiful how Jesus knew what I needed before I even did. He knew my journey to motherhood would include three miscarriages and provided a strong, kind, faithful mentor who could turn me toward Him instead of spiraling into a black hole of despair. I knew without a doubt that with or without children God loved me, and I was able to rest in that assurance, thanks to Rose. And now, 10 years later, Rose has been there every step of the way. She’s been like a grandmother to my two beautiful boys, shining the light of Jesus into my family. Thanks be to God! -Francine

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