Southeast Asia

June 14-29, 2019

The adventure begins with a boat ride to base camp. Built entirely over the crystal-clear ocean water, base camp sits in the center of the islands. With each island visit, we will be welcomed as honored guests with cultural dancing and music. After drinking sweet tea or coffee with the village leaders, we will interact with the locals. We will converse and develop relationships through sports, community projects and sharing meals together.

Ethno tours facilitate relationships with the island community. They also give legitimacy to our Wooddale global partners for living in a religiously restricted area. The tourism business they run employs many local people. Jobs are essential in this fishing community with limited job opportunities. As a part of our Worldwide values, we are reaching other cultures such as these unreached ethnic groups of Southeast Asia.

The majority of the local people hold Muslim beliefs with little to no knowledge of Jesus Christ. In a holistic approach, we meet spiritual and physical needs of the people, beginning with developing relationships. The projects give locals and travelers the opportunities to have deep and meaningful conversations. It’s often the perfect time to tell the stories of Jesus from the gospels.

With Worldwide’s value of holistic ministry and love of one’s neighbor, Southeast Asia is a specific area we feel called to minister. Wooddale Worldwide continues to take Ethno tours to Southeast Asia.

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