Trust Me

Upon hearing the need for volunteers to provide housing for Ukrainian teenage soccer players, I felt God prompting me to say yes to the opportunity—but I began rationalizing.

“I’m just a single woman.”
“I’m in my 60s.”
“These teenagers won’t want to hang out with an old lady.” 

God’s nudging persisted: “Trust me. Share what I’ve blessed you with to bless others.”

Soon after, I was hosting four Ukrainian teenage boys—energetic, fun-loving boys—who ate a lot! They loved their families and enjoyed sharing pictures of them with me. And because of the war, they were concerned about their families, friends and the independence of their country. I realized how much my family had often taken for granted instead of seeing life as blessing after blessing from God.

At the end of the week, “my” Ukrainian boys each gave me a gift (items of their own): the remaining funds on a Target gift card; a team pin; the medal for playing in the USA Cup; and a pair of used, autographed goalie gloves. Each item had special meaning to the boys, yet they insisted I have them. As we hugged and said our goodbyes, I had to convince them my tears were of joy. They had no idea how much they blessed my life!

-Heidi Peterson, Wooddale Church attendee