Update from Pastor Dale: Tuesday, March 17

Dear Wooddale Family,

Whew!  I made it on your prayers from Minnesota to New Delhi, India.  It was a great flight with no issues.  Please pray for the nationals we are training in India.  I just met with one of our “Paul’s” who told me about a brand new believer in Jesus.  This new convert, whom I will call Sam, had a bunch of thugs destroy his well and fill it up with all kinds of debris.  Why?  Because he left his false religion to follow Jesus.  Imagine your neighbors coming over to your house at night and filling your car’s gas tank with bags of dirt all because you’re a believer in Jesus!  Please pray for Sam not to lose heart but to be strengthened through the Holy Spirit!  I don’t know about you but it’s stories like this that make me kick myself when I gripe over minor inconveniences that have nothing to do with my faith.  “Lord deliver us from complaining how hard we have it when so many who love you and follow you in third world countries are bullied every day for their persevering faith in your Son our Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen.”