Update from Pastor Dale (Friday, July 24, 2015)

I can’t wait to get back to Wooddale and re-engage with you on the weekends. As I mentioned in my July 22nd email, I believe God has quite an adventure of faith and results ahead for us!

Before I share a preview of September, let’s recall the Mission and Vision of Wooddale Church:

To honor God by making more disciples (followers) for Jesus Christ.

To impart the hope of the gospel to 700,000 people here, near and far in the next seven years and to create a clear pathway towards spiritual maturity.

Can you see how the two themes I shared with you in the email fit so well with our mission and vision?

  • To live is Christ
  • To live to make Christ known

One of my desires is to make sure that we have a clear pathway to grow further in our spiritual lives. Where are you in your spiritual journey?

Getting to Know God:
There are people who are searching for meaning, hope, and a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Are you or any of your Adopt 7 searching?

People want a connection with God and to others who already know God. We want to be the most sincere and loving body of believers in the Twin Cities. That means we all have some growing to do, I know I do!

We grow by knowing and doing. This part of the pathway includes hearing and applying the practical teaching of God’s word. Growing happens for all ages on the weekend and during the week.

Opportunities to serve abound. Serving can be done as a volunteer on a Wooddale campus, in your neighborhood by showing God’s love through helping your neighbor or in a remote village through Wooddale Worldwide!

We want to always be thinking of those who do not know Jesus yet. How do we engage them? Remember the simple strategy of Adopt 7? Who are the people God has placed in your life who may not know Him yet? You can PRAY, SERVE and look for the opportunity when He opens the door for you to SHARE how Jesus has changed your life!

With the mission, vision and particularly our spiritual pathway in mind, let me introduce you to our September series:

I am calling it The Book of You: Written By_________________.

Our lives are like a novel. The question is who is holding the pen? What happens when we let God have the pen? What kind of story is He writing about you?

In my next post I’ll give you more insight into the September series.

While anticipating September, we don’t want to skip August! The first two weekends (1-2 and 8-9) we will finish the Camping with God series by taking a closer look at the Alter of Incense and the Priesthood. The weekends of August 15-16 and 22-23 during our People of the Towel mini-series we will learn more about the serving opportunities I mentioned in the pathway above. Come ready to discover where you can serve at our Volunteer Opportunity Fair August 22 – 23 on the Eden Prairie campus. August 29-30 we are going to celebrate! Our Baptism Party, on both campuses at all service times, is going to be powerful and you will not want to miss it. My message that weekend is Jesus, The Best Friend You Will Ever Have!

Let’s come together in August and September and join Jesus in what He wants to do through His Church!

Pastor Dale