Update from Pastor Dale (Wednesday, May 20, 2015)


Today we met with two key leaders to hear about their work among a hard to reach people group. One of them shared how he came to faith by receiving a vision of Jesus. He had been very ill and thought he would die. In the vision, he found himself walking along a path with a vast crowds of people. Moving in the opposite direction there was another path with far fewer people traveling on it. Jesus stopped him and told him he must change his direction and get on the correct path. He did so, and was led to a beautiful place where Jesus told him it was not yet his time to die and instructed him to go back and tell his people about the true way. When he awoke he was well enough to turn his life over to Christ. Since then, he has suffered persecution with beatings and jail, but has remained undeterred from the mission Christ gave him.

The ministry of these two men has changed over 2,000 lives in the last few years. Pray for their protection, courage and increased faith.

Pastor Dale