Posts from March 2016

Vision ’22 Spring Praise and Prayer Requests

Quarterly the Wooddale Prayer Ministry sends to over 800 Vision ’22 Prayer Partners a praise and prayer request email.  If you would like to join this team of prayer warriors, please contact vicki.windfeldt@wooddale.org. Wooddale Vision ’22 Prayer Partners Praises and Prayer Requests April 2016 Thank you, Prayer Partners, for serving the Lord through prayer and […]

Syrian Refugee Update (March 2016)

As you may recall, our Christmas Eve offering was designated to help refugees in Southern Jordan. Wooddale Church in partnership with Questscope. A Brief Recap: Since 2011, over 4 million Syrian refugees have been forced to flee their country and seek refuge in neighboring nations. In addition to the 630,000 UN-registered Syrian refugees in Jordan, there […]