AJ’s Story

I’ve seen God answer the prayers of this anxious mama and my 9-year-old daughter in many ways. Before COVID, we prayed together every morning as I dropped her off for school. We prayed for her day, the staff and any concerns she had. Part of our routine was also picking out a classmate’s name tag, laying our hands on it and praying for that child.

In the midst of COVID, we sat in the car and prayed. The Lord answered our prayers by providing comfort, job security and creative ways to stay connected with friends through technology. He even carried us through eLearning—twice! When my daughter was struggling with math, God answered our prayers for a wonderful and passionate teacher. She has now passed the needed tests and is on par with her peers.

The biggest thing God has taught us is to pray continuously. No matter if we feel like it or not, God is there to hear our prayers. And He is faithful. -AJ

Prayer is our way of communicating with God and a regular part of our relationship with Him. Need help growing in prayer? Visit for prayer points, training and family prayer ideas.