Are You Looking for Financial Management Tools and Resources?

We have highlighted a number of resources and tools to help you take your next step in wisely managing the money that God has entrusted to you.


Mint is an app that automatically updates and categorizes your financial information. From your bank accounts and credit cards to retirement accounts and more, the app will analyze your numbers to help give you an overall picture of where you stand financially.



Illuminate is a free budget app that can be an important tool for you to begin to understand your money coming in and going out. The app allows you to create a giving plan to ensure your giving is part of your budget. Once you sync your accounts with the app it immediately pulls your last 90 days of information to show you how you are spending and recommends a budget!


Every Dollar

Every Dollar is a free budget tool from Dave Ramsey that also connects to an app to help you manage your money. This is a great first step if you are setting a budget for the first time or for the first time in a long time.


Love & Money eCourse

The Love & Money course is produced by Brightpeak financial and is based on the belief that money is messing with far too many Christian relationships. This course can help you and your spouse start to work together (not against each other) toward financial goals while strengthening your relationship with each other. This course costs $10.


One-on-One Financial Coaching

Wooddale has a number of people who would be happy to meet with you either on the phone or in-person to walk you through questions on personal finance and help you establish a God-honoring budget.

To get connected with a Financial Coach email Tom at