Pastor Dale’s Sermon Application

Here are the points Pastor Dale referenced in his “Rethinking Commitment” message as well as some daily direction for our lives:

  • Our lives are not our own, they belong to God. He created and purchased us with His blood.
  • This church is not our church. It does not belong to the board, staff or membership. We belong to Christ. He purchased us with His blood and created this community by the power of His Spirit.
  • We therefore have no authority except that which God gives us to fulfill His purposes.
  • God’s great purpose for our lives is that we love Him wholeheartedly. He wants us to love each other, especially the least of these.
  • God demonstrated how He wants us to love by giving His Son as a sacrifice for our sins.

View the Rethinking Commitment message.

By God’s help I aim daily to:

  • Practice resetting my focus on God’s purpose for my life.
  • Reset my focus on Christ by surrendering my life to the control of the Holy Spirit.
  • Refocus and remind myself that God loves me unconditionally and I make Him glad.
  • Refocus my faith on the awareness of the heavenly realm as I live my life for Christ in this world.
  • Practice receiving and celebrating God’s gift of forgiveness in my life.
  • Practice not judging others but instead forgive others.
  • Practice forgetting myself by remembering whose I am.
  • Practice forgetting about myself so I can be free to treat others the way God treats me – like family.
  • Practice grabbing onto God’s love by simple faith, while realizing that in the moments when my grasp fails or gets shaky, His love for me will never let go.
  • Practice resetting my thinking so that I might be transformed into someone who thinks about things with the mind of Christ.
  • See people with the eyes of Christ so that I might respond with the compassion of Christ.
  • See what God has already blessed me with so that I might make it available for God to use it to bless others.
  • Follow the model of Christ and begin to pray more earnestly for His church to be an epicenter of irresistible hope wherever it goes.
  • Declare out loud, “Jesus is in charge.”
  • Make a costly sacrifice of my time, my talent, and my treasure.
  • Become the greatest by becoming the least. I will do this by putting others first no matter what it costs me.
  • Remember that my life, church, and the lives of other human beings are not my own but Christ’s. I will commit to love God more sincerely and love others the way I want to be loved.