Training in the North of Ghana


IMG_1016 Ghana has been great! Praise God for the men and women of Ghana who are committed to reaching their country for Christ. Over the past several days, Wooddale has made it possible for 250 pastors to receive training in Biblical and practical leadership.  The response to our training from these pastors has been amazing. Thank you for supporting us through your prayers and giving.

I have interacted with many key partners in Ghana who are pastors and leaders within GlobeServe ministry. Through them, I’ve learned that in Ghana:


  • There is still a lot of idolatry
  • Some tribal people still practice human sacrifice
  • Many children are used as slave labor, paid little for endless hours of work and are beaten
  • There are many health concerns including malaria, infections and malnutrition


Christians are earning the right to speak the Gospel into the lives of those who so desperately need physical and spiritual care. As Christians provide health care and advocate for those who are unjustly treated, people are having their physical and spiritual needs met.

As I leave Ghana to return home, my heart is thankful for those who serve here so faithfully and under difficult conditions.  I am also very thankful for a church like Wooddale who has a heart for a broken world. Thank you!

Pastor Dale