Trisha’s Story

There was a time not so long ago when life at home was marked by one traumatic crisis after another. Throughout their childhood, both of our children had been active in church youth groups but somehow, that all fell away when low self-esteem and peer pressure entered the scene. They stopped attending and instead gravitated to fringe groups in school, and were influenced to make poor choices along the way. As a result of poor attendance and unfinished homework, one barely graduated from high school and the other attended special education classes to earn his GED six months later.

My husband and I were distraught. We didn’t know what to do. We tried everything but nothing worked. We fully expected the police to knock at our door at any time of day or night and it was no surprise when they did a few times! Our family’s life was in turmoil and the loss of control I felt made me depressed. I had to leave a job I loved to take another that provided medical benefits to cover our child’s admittance to residential treatment programs—three to be exact—over the next several years. Prayer didn’t seem to be working but I never lost hope. With the support of others, I was able to lean on Jesus for the strength I needed. He is all we ever need.

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