Update from Pastor Dale: Friday, March 27

Nima stayed one more day in the hospital where the pastor came to visit and pray. Why should Nima expect the pastor’s prayer to make any difference, after all he had many Buddhists who were already praying for him? The pastor told Nima that he would visit him again in three days at Nima’s home where he would pray for him again. Three days later the pastor arrived and sat down to pray over Nima. Both men faced each other and the pastor began to pray. Nima said to me, “My stomach began to hurt and I felt I must vomit.” The pastor kept praying and suddenly Nima vomited out blood everywhere including on the pastor! Nima said, “When I saw all the blood I believed that I was now dead and I passed out.” The pastor did not flinch; he calmly got up, got some water and poured water it on Nima’s face. Nima woke up! He wasn’t dead! In fact he felt better than ever before. That day Nima believed in Jesus Christ as his Savior and surrendered his whole life to God. But this change in his life would cost him dearly. I’ll tell you how in the next entry…

Pastor Dale