Update from Pastor Dale: Saturday, March 28

Nima went to the hospital to be tested to see if his liver was still cancerous. The doctors told him he was cancer free. It confirmed what he already knew; God had performed a miracle in his life. Nima went back to his village and informed the Buddhists that he had been healed by Jesus and had converted to Christianity. At first the news stunned the listeners. Many listened to him as he shared the gospel. Nima said, “Many of the villagers were converted to Christ as well as healed of sickness and disease. But rather than rejoice in Nima’s miracle and the miracles that were happening all around them, the local Buddhist leaders became angry! Buddhism is not a peaceful and tranquil religion as it is so often portrayed in the media. There is great retribution for those who leave the faith. Nima and his family came under great persecution. At first it was only threats but then it grew worse. Words turned to fists and those who converted to Christ in the village were beaten and some were killed. As Nima conveyed what happened he took his glasses off and burst into tears. I put my hand on his back as he sobbed. Composing himself he said that his son was poisoned to death. They even killed his grandmother. As Nima continued to cry and speak he showed me a terrible scar on his hand where they had cut him. I reached down and touched the scar and the knot left on the top of his hand. “They killed my son!” He cried.

As we sat together in moments of silence I thought of the Apostle Paul. In the book of Acts, Paul visited many cities. At first his preaching was met with acceptance. People were converted and miracles would take place. But the religious leaders would become inflamed with anger and threaten his life. Paul was often beaten, jailed and even left for dead. (See Acts 14:19)

I felt like I was sitting alongside a modern day Apostle. I am not worthy to wash his feet.

But Nima’s story was not finished and so neither is mine,

Pastor Dale