Mary’s Story

In March, at the start of the pandemic, I was laid off from work. Immediately, I prayed and asked God how He could use me.

I was speaking with a local ministry partner of Wooddale Church when they mentioned that the demands to feed people experiencing homelessness in south Minneapolis was growing. They needed help. Realizing God was answering my prayer, I committed to support the ministry by making sandwiches every Tuesday. I also sensed God telling me to start a fundraiser and get others involved in providing the food for Tuesdays. I stepped out in faith and shared what I wanted to accomplish through social media and word of mouth. To my amazement, the money raised each week always met what was requested! I continued sharing the blessings happening through the ministry to celebrate all God was doing. With each update, I also included scripture about how we can all have servant hearts — we can follow in Jesus’ steps, being imitators of Christ!

It was a magical time serving alongside fellow Christians who prayed together, and shared stories of faith, signs and wonders at God’s provision. I felt an overwhelming sense of being held in a Jesus cocoon during this time of great uncertainty. -Mary

If you feel called to share the hope of Jesus through serving our community, visit or email for more information.