Sharing the Hope of Christ with Others

By Lee Ranney

Steph Tebbe was involved in Wooddale Student Ministries during her school years. Taking part in different mission trips and training laid the foundation for her interest in reaching others with the hope of Jesus.

“My senior year of high school I performed on the mime team in Guatemala,” Steph said. “That performance allowed us to step over culture and language barriers so people could hear the Gospel. I was deeply impacted as I saw people encounter Jesus for the first time and grew a desire to share my faith into my adult years.”

With a degree in Marketing from North Dakota State University in hand, she was accepted by Youth With a Mission (YWAM). She has been working in Australia with Sunshine Coast for over four years reaching the community and offering practical training in business as missions.

“One thing I have come to realize is how easy it can be to share your faith,” she said. “I started hosting dinner parties once a month and welcoming friends into my home. It’s been amazing to see the impact it has in my community, as strangers become friends and women encounter the love of Christ they have never experienced before.”

Steph is also learning to use her digital advertising education and experience to provide value to communities. “To reach a group of people, it is helpful to bring something to the community.” She uses her marketing skills as a way to connect with people and help them grow their business. Through these relationships, she is also sharing God’s love.

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